Yoga at Ginza Studio!

Full-service production studio space in the heart of Tokyo, Japan

Recently, renowned photographer Juan Carlos Ortiz rented Ginza Studio to produce some magnificent portraits of his friends during their visit to Japan.

Here’s one of the shots:

Juan contacted me after this shoot asking to use the studio again, but this time for a yoga shoot. What a challenge! Yoga is a visually and physically demanding exercise, so proper techniques must be used for photography.
Juan requested a white backdrop for this shot, to contrast the yoga instructor’s posing. I went out to Tomato Textiles in Nippori and sourced a large white cloth to use as the backdrop.

Backdrop prepared, Juan and the yoga instructor were able to do their thing:

When Juan posts his photos from the shoot, I will share them as well. Needless to say though, they were very happy with the shoot.

The white backdrop will be stored in the Studio storage room and is available for use by all Ginza Studio Members and guests! Please let me know at the time of booking if you’d like to utilize the white backdrop. Please keep in mind this backdrop is polyester so do not bring any liquids onto the backdrop.



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