What’s Going On at the Studio? November 8, 2018

Full-service production studio space in the heart of Tokyo, Japan

It’s been a busy few months at Ginza Studio. We signed our first member, And…Cut!! Media, who has recorded their podcast at the studio, and they’re going to be recording a lot more here too.

The And…Cut! Media group recording a podcast at Ginza Studio.

Shingetsu News Agency utilized Ginza Studio for the production of season two of their “Whats the Rumpus” Series. The most recent episode is embedded below:

Michael Penn’s Shingetsu News Agency filming the latest episode of What’s the Rumpus?

PicLily, a YouTube Channel backed by an English school in Japan, used Ginza Studio to film a series of pilot videos, shot on the green screen.

Chris and Stannis Flick from PicLily recording a children’s music video.

Fellow Ginza Hub member Tia Haygood uses the Studio regularly for her amazing photoshoots. Here’s a photo from a product shoot she did last week:

Tia brought the big guns out for this product shoot at the Studio.

Another Ginza Hub member Nobue Doi used Ginza Studio and Phoenix Films to shoot an amazing makeup demonstration video:

Behind the scenes, showing how Phoenix Films and Nobue filmed the makeup video

A few months back we had an amazing seminar with Nobue as well:

The studio was full of people ready to learn at a seminar back in September.

Anything can happen here at Ginza Studio. If you’re a creative person, please have a look at our rates page, and feel free to email the studio at any time if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment to visit Ginza Studio.

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