Reiwa 10-Day Golden Week Hours

Full-service production studio space in the heart of Tokyo, Japan

The new Reiwa Period is being welcomed with a 10-day golden week holiday, which is expected to interfere with business in Japan.
Not at Ginza Studio!

I hope everybody will have a wonderful 10-day Golden Week holiday in celebration of the soon-to-be installed Emperor, welcoming in the Reiwa Era!

Ginza Studio will be OPEN during the 10 day holiday for studio usage. Please book your appointment well in advance, as there will be days I will be traveling. There will not be any studio visits for those just visiting the space for their research, only for bookings and usage only. Studio Members shall continue to use their keycard privileges during this holiday as well.

If you’d like to come and work in the studio during the holiday, please take a look at the rates page and send me an email at, with your desired date and nature of your shoot, as well as hours of usage desired.


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