Monstrous Makeup Movie filmed at Ginza Studio

Full-service production studio space in the heart of Tokyo, Japan

Ginza Hub member and good friend of mine, Nobue Doi, recently used the Studio (and my editing!) to film a great demonstration of her special effects makeup skills.

Utilizing the green screen rigging at the studio, our Mount Dog lights, a jerry-rigged case to hold my iPhone 7+ in timelapse mode above the table, and Phoenix Films’ Sony AX53 filming a 15 minute video, sped up 2000% to just over a minute, I was able to make a wonderful timelapse showcasing the transformation of everyday Nobue into Zombie Nobue!
Have a view of the video below:

Nobue is a well-established makeup professional in Tokyo, with experience working in Kyoto, Tokyo, and France’s high fashion society. She’s hosting a Halloween event in Shibuya, where she can turn you into the scariest zombie to down a chu-hai in Shibs. Have a view of the event page here, and if you’re interested, please indicate as such: page:

If you’re interesting in hiring her makeup services, please check her website here, as well.

Great work spooking the studio up, Nobue!



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