Happy 2019 from Ginza Studio!

Full-service production studio space in the heart of Tokyo, Japan

I hope everybody’s 2018 was creative and productive. Here at Ginza Studio, we had a great year, despite only being open since August. We’ve had multiple creative people utilize the Studio for their masterpieces, and have also gained our first two members, who frequent the studio for their ongoing projects.

Our goal in 2019 is simple: Create.

I know I am saying that quite frequently already, but it’s a pretty simple goal: Create more memberships, Create more projects, Create a better creative community for Tokyo. To help facilitate this envisioned community, here are some upcoming changes to Ginza Studio for 2019:

Addition of a dedicated studio camera:
We will be purchasing a new 4K Studio Camera for use by our Members in the coming months. Currently our Members are using a Sony AX-53, but that camera has its limits. The camera we are seeking is a TV Studio quality camera with high versatility and a low learning curve for novice filmmakers. Once we acquire it we will make an announcement here.

Additional backdrops and equipment:
The movable backdrop rigging in use at the studio has been warmly received, but for bigger projects, the need for a wider green screen, along with a variety of backdrops, is evident. We will be sourcing those in the coming weeks as well.

More events:
As we gain more members, along with more recognition among the creative community of Tokyo, we will be holding more seminars for learning and advancing one’s craft. I personally will be reaching out to area professionals and giving them an opportunity to present their knowledge. Likewise, if you’re a professional in any creative field and would like to spread your knowledge in an intimate venue, please feel free to contact us.

Tokyo YouTube Hanami 2019:
Ginza Studio will be an indirect sponsor of the YouTube Hanami this year (companies cannot directly sponsor events at Yoyogi Park due to rules) and we will be handing out some Ginza Studio stuff at the event, along with a presentation on an opportunity for the attendees of the Hanami. If you’re interested, please stay tuned to the Phoenix Film Productions Facebook Page for more information as Hanami planning progresses.

That’s it from me this first week of January. I hope to see all of you at the studio soon.

Happy Creating!
-Zach Kuhn

Ginza Studio January 2019


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