Ginza Studio at the YouTube Summer Party

Full-service production studio space in the heart of Tokyo, Japan

YouTubers and Online Media fans gather at the Tokyo Sports Cafe in Roppongi for the annual Summer Party

Over the weekend, Ginza Studio and Ginza Hub made presentations at the annual YouTube Summer Party in Roppongi, put on by long-time YouTubers HikoSaemon and Gimmeabreakman. This event attracts many creative people from all over Japan to meet with their favorite YouTubers, network with other creative people, and learn different ideas from each other.

Ginza Hub presented HikoSaemon’s new YouTube app called, which is a more streamlined way of following content creators. Ginza Studio then presented our services and product to the party, and we were met with really warm feedback, interest, and really good questions. I encourage everyone of you who attended to browse around the Ginza Studio website, and learn more about the studio itself. We will have more events at the studio this month, so stay tuned for those announcements as well. If you’d like to schedule a visit to Ginza Studio, please send us an email at


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