February 2020 Updates from Ginza Studio!

Full-service production studio space in the heart of Tokyo, Japan

Hello everyone! Zach here.
It’s been a while! I know I’ve been neglecting the website, but I’ve been focused on other things as of late. At the studio, however, it’s been incredibly busy!

The Studio has a new Camera available for use. The Sony AX100 is increasingly used by TV studios for 4K production, and has many adjustable settings for getting your shots to finite precision!

The Sony AX100 (right) is a versatile camera for any use!

The settings, even in auto-mode, are incredibly advanced. Take a look below:

Inside the studio, after shooting outside, these are the ‘outdoor settings,’ with the high shutter speed!

And these would be the indoor settings. Note the clarity difference! The shutter speed brightens the image.

A number of visitors have been utilizing the space for product photography. Here’s one example:

Japanese tea company Hinoakane doing a product shoot…

These guys were very happy with the shoot. A few days later, on their brand new Instagram page, I found this:

The results of their photoshoot! Looks good, right?

So it’s been a great few months here at Ginza Studio! If you’re looking to produce anything, please contact us! Best way to get in touch is contacting me directly: zach@ginzastudio.com. 

You can also contact us via the Ginza Studio Facebook Page ← Click that to be taken to the Facebook page.
We have a few announcements coming up soon, with both the YouTube Tokyo Hanami (again, click that to be taken to that page!) and with a new membership package.

See you at the studio!

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