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Reiwa 10-Day Golden Week Hours

Reiwa will be open during the long Golden Week!

February 2020 Updates from Ginza Studio!

Hello everyone! Zach here. It’s been a while! I know I’ve been neglecting the website, but I’ve been focused on other things as of late. At the studio, however, it’s been incredibly busy! The Studio has a new Camera available for use. The Sony AX100 is increasingly used by TV studios for 4K production, and …

Yoga at Ginza Studio!

With a new white backdrop, a professional photographer used Ginza Studio to conduct a yoga photoshoot.

Special Offer for attendees of the YouTube Hanami

Ginza Studio is offering a 20% Discount to attendees of the YouTube Tokyo Hanami.

Happy 2019 from Ginza Studio!

I hope everybody’s 2018 was creative and productive. Here’s what we will be doing at Ginza Studio in 2019!

What’s Going On at the Studio? November 8, 2018

It’s been a busy few months at Ginza Studio. We signed our first member, And…Cut!! Media, who has recorded their podcast at the studio, and they’re going to be recording a lot more here too. Shingetsu News Agency utilized Ginza Studio for the production of season two of their “Whats the Rumpus” Series. The most …

Monstrous Makeup Movie filmed at Ginza Studio

Ginza Hub member and good friend of mine, Nobue Doi, recently used the Studio (and my editing!) to film a great demonstration of her special effects makeup skills. Utilizing the green screen rigging at the studio, our Mount Dog lights, a jerry-rigged case to hold my iPhone 7+ in timelapse mode above the table, and …

Let there be Light! New Lights at Ginza Studio

  Ginza Studio recently took delivery of a brand new lighting rig for use by members and guests of the Studio. Mount Dog 1350 watt lights and soft boxes, including one on a versatile boom, can be positioned anywhere in the studio, per the requirements of the filmographer or photographer. Please let us know when …

Reminder: Green Screen Networking Event Friday!

Hi everyone! A reminder that this Friday, here at Ginza Studio, we will be hosting the first ever Green Screen party! Space is limited, so please look at the original post for more information. Here’s a video from the Phoenix Films Facebook page of a test video I made today with the green screen and …

STUDIO EVENT: Green Screen Party, Oct. 12

Wear green and get creative! On Friday, October 12, 2018, at 6PM in the studio, we will be holding the first ever Green Screen Party. Basically, the premise is wear green clothes, and interact with the green screen setup in the studio. Be as creative as you want! We will have pizza and drinks, and …